Love in the Air?

Valentine’s Day is one of those holidays that I don’t love, which is ironic given the theme of the holiday. But buying all the candy makes me cringe! I spend the few days after the holiday picking up candy wrappers throughout the house and yelling at my children to stop sneaking the candy. This year I decided I was going to skip the grocery store candy aisle and make cute homemade treats. (And if you know me, I use the word “homemade” very loosely and the recipe will be easy).

After googling “easiest and quickest valentine recipe,” I found this great recipe for festive and simple Rice Krispy treats that called for 3 ingredients (plus rainbow sprinkles) and the microwave! It took us just 20 minutes to make and they were delicious. I used a heart cookie cutter, and my only suggestion would be to use a smaller cookie cutter to make more treats in one batch. It was a great activity, and the children really did all the work. Find the recipe here.

At Smockingbird, we designed a print for these cozy Candy Heart Print pima pjs. The print is so cute and unique that I made printable
Valentine cards for my children’s classmates.  They turned out great and are a lot less cheesy than grocery store Valentine cards! Here is a downloadable link to the CARD. My children wrote their names on each card and I tied it to a bag with twine for each classmate.

All in all, I would say this activity was a success and for the first time in a long time, I feel like I am winning at being a mom. Now I need to make sure they don’t forget to take them to school!